Rules for PvP

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Rules for PvP

Post by Batman420 on Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:38 pm

On the ZAMN server we do encourage and enjoy some friendly PvP. We may organize some PvP events here and there, as well as have set areas for PvP. There is, for no reason at all, any Kill On Sight behavior, outside of these areas.We also don't care what you do to survive on public servers, we ask, that on our server that you do not use any hacks. If you suspect a player is hacking, please, take a video of said hacker, and screenshots, if you can showing the hacks ( free video capture software, up to 10 mins if you need) and PM me or Fell on my Knee.

PvP rules outside of set areas.

While the no KoS rule still applies, you can still have fun. For example, you want to barricade yourself inside the church of Crystal Lake Resort, and call out on global that you are and challenge players to come kill you. This is fine, you must announce it in global so all players are aware that there is a KoS player in that town, and the PvE'rs will avoid it. Now, keep it please to the smaller, self-sufficient towns. Very popular camping towns, like Campos or Clearview aren't allowed, or any military bases. As these will be common for the PvE'rs to be in, or have toons logged out in for loot camping. If you're not sure about whether or not you can PvP camp a town, just ask in global.


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