Important Information! Read First!!

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Important Information! Read First!!

Post by Batman420 on Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:11 pm

Access to the server is a 500gc payment each month. We are only taking in 10 players to our server. A clan is set up for the server to accept the payment(named, Zombies Ate My Neighbors). We will also need the names of any characters you wish to play on our server.

The rule is simple, do not kill any player unless it is within a pvp zone, or falls within the rules for pvp'ing. There will be another thread for the rules on pvp, if you are interested in pvp'ing on our server, please check there. And no, nobody is forced to engage in pvp.

Do not, for any reason, give the password out to anybody.
"I payed my 500gc and want to play with my friend/family member, can i give them the password?"
Sorry, but no, and the reason is simple, someone else who payed 500gc to play wouldn't be happy if someone else was playing and they didn't. In short, wouldn't be fair to others.

If you wish to apply to the server please pm either me, Batman420, or Fell on my knee.


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